How do fish sleep in an aquarium? Learn here.

Sleep is the most important period of life for any living organism, and aquarium fish are no exception. In this article you will learn about what happens to aquarium fish during sleep and how they experience this process. You’ll learn about how different types of aquarium residents sleep.

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Snowball White Pearl Shrimp Care Guide

Snowball White Peal Shrimp
Snowball White Peal Shrimp

White Pearl shrimp (Neocaridina zhangjiajiensis) belongs to the Atyidae family of the Neocardine family. This shrimp is not found in nature because it was artificially bred by the German breeder Ulf Goschalk. If you are into shrimp care and want to know everything about white pearl shrimps, this informational guide is perfect place to start!

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